Saturday, May 23, 2009

Speedsailing Spots In Kerry

Well i got the news this week that i am being made redundant at work so i am moving back down to my Dads house near Tralee in County kerry next month. It's been on the cards for a while now so really wasn't a suprise. On the plus side though as i will probably be out of work for a while i will get loads of time to go windsurfing so hopefully there will be decent wind over the next few months. Whenever i am down there all my sailing has been done in and around Brandon bay so i have been checking Google Maps and i reckon i have found a couple of potential speedsailing spots not too far from where i will be living. The first is just South of Ballybunion at an entrance to a river here

And the other one is by a village called Barrow just North of Fenit here

Both i think look promising but i will have to check them out and see what they are like at low tide and check how deep the water is as i don't want to run aground at speed. I will still travel over to Dungarven on a decent forcast but hopefully i have got a couple of spots on my doorstep as this area of Kerry in winter gets very windy in the winter.

I have just got some KA Kaos wave sails (5.3m, 4.7m and 4.2m) aswell to go with the 5.7m KA Kaos i already have so i am going to finally learn how to wavesail as this is one of the best locations in the world for wavesailing

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