Tuesday, September 29, 2009

KA Sails Press Release From Sandy Point "Super Sunday"

Just recieved the KA Press release of the speeds achieved at Sandy Point on Sunday.

Sandy Point “Super Sunday”Sunday 27th September 2009. With an intense low pressure system forming in Bass Straight it looked like a big opening for the Annual Speed Fortnight at Sandy Point near Wilsons Promontory in Victoria. Sailors were greeted with a very high tide due to the storm surge and a very angry looking inlet with the “Prom” lighthouse regularly recording gusts in excess of 70 knots. After waiting an hour to access the inlet around a dozen sailors rigged and prepared to battle the windiest conditions seen at the “PiT” for years. The currents GPSSS Record holder Chris Lockwood had flown in from Perth and most of the nation’s top speed sailors were present. The stage was set. As the first few sailors returned from the speed run the story was really similar. “That was wild”,“Couldn’t sheet in”, “totally out of control” being the general mood. KA Sail Team riders Craig“Spotty” Spottiswood and Tony Wynhoven being the only 2 sailors with any degree of comfort in the conditions. Chris Lockwood appeared to be struggling with too much power. At the end of the day it was the two KA Sailors dominating. Both Craig and Tony had completed enough runs to get a 5X10 second average and the “fist pumping” Spotty had a huge tale to tell. With a 50.01 peak speed on his GT31 he couldn’t stop grinning. But there was more. His 49.869 2 second, 48.709 500 meter and a 47.775 5x10 second Doppler speeds are simply amazing, the 5X10 being a new GPSSS record. Equally amazing is the fact that Spotty was riding all production gear. Carbon Art Speed 44, KA Koncept 09 5.0 and KA Lockwood<>McDougall 21.5 Asymmetrical Speed Fin. Tony had an equally big day. After rigging his 08 KA Koncept 4.4 for the first ever time he finished with a 49.11 2 second and a 46.19 5X10 second. Tony was also riding stock production equipment, FS Missile S and XS, KA Koncept 4.4, and KA Lockwood<>McDougall 21.5 Asymmetrical Speed fin. No custom gear, no man made speed strip. Other sailors recording PB’s for single runs over 45 knots were Andrew Daff , Adrian Bonomi and Mat Robertson, all with stock KA 4.4 Koncepts and KA 20 Speed Fins. To do 5 runs in these conditions was gruelling, with the trip back taking up to 45 minutes. All but a handful of sailors settled for just 2 or 3 runs, with more than half the fleet staying ashore. Congratulations guys and a huge well done for all the sailors that gave it a go. The spirit of adventure is truly alive and well.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Craig Spottiswodd's Report Of His Amazing Achievement At Sandy Point

Managed to get Craig Spottiswood’s report below from http://www.speedsurfingblog.com/ and his speeds recorded. Once again a windsurfer using an off the shelf KA Koncept and Carbon Art SP40 and KA Assymetric Speed Fin has shown everyone the amazing speeds you can achieve with these awesome sails.

Average 5 x 10 second - 47.75 Knots (88,44 kmh ( 90,83 90,66 87,62 87,38 85,72 )

Max. GPS (display) - 50.01 Knots (92,62 kmh)

Max. 2 sec. (software) – 49.87 Knots (92,36 kmh)

100 m run – 49.58 Knots (91,83 kmh)

250 m run – 49.50 Knots (91,68 kmh)

500 m run – 49.25 Knots (90,21 kmh)

Sorry about the delay, YEEEEE!!!HAAAARRRRR!!!! You Beauty!!! just been letting the good vibes settle in, still coming to grips with it all, the result was most unexpected for me. We have all been waiting for a day like this at Sandy Pt for sometime, with the past heavy rainfall and sizeable swell running in Bass Strait I did not think the tide would go far enough out. I thought that it was only going to be a survival day with maybe a 43 average. The tide in the end just went far enough out to set up what seemed a wider than usual rideable course down the bank. No special suits, man made trenches or vehicles to get you backup the course, just a hard endurance battle to start, finish and walk back in the constant 40-50 knot sandstorm with the lead weight on your back, the actual runs were awesome!!.

4 hours 6 runs…Run 1 with camera onboard peaked at 45 with a 10 sec around 43, it was pretty unsettled. Sailing back did not seem a good option, with all runs requiring a long slog thru the soft sand to the first dune then sail the last bit to the start. This was so exhausting, you had to wait some time before you had enough energy to do another run making it hard to get lots of runs in before the tide changed. Run 2 data 47.86 max , 47.1810sec , PB and now quite excited, with the course also improving with deeper longer runs. Run 3 data 49.996 max , 49.046 10sec, 47.183 500m seemed more controlled with 50.01 on the GT31 display making my jaw drop and fist punch the air, followed with congratulations with Adrian B and Tony W on the long walkback. Run 4 data 49.724 max, 48.952 10sec, 48.709 500m was also controlled just the slow down were getting really wild as the tide came in. Really stoked about the 500!!! Run 5 data 48.693 max, 47.312 10sec, 45.694 500m. The tide now starting to have more effect, and I was getting really exhausted but new there was still a worthwhile run better than the first to cement the 5x10. Run 6 data 47.197 max, 46.285 10sec, 44.723 500m. Chris L and myself left on the course, made my last run as he came back, another long walk followed this time all the way to the BBQ, thanks for moving the car Rupert. Best 5runs were all done with a broken battern at the bottom camber, it broke on the first run due to me adding more tension beforehand. All in all to be honest the runs were ridiculously smooth and constant and left me feeling I could of had aslightly bigger sail or a little bit more wind. I know this sounds stupid but it was so GOOD!. Left us with the impression the 49 5x10, 500 is achievablewith same conditions, and maybe better with a lower tide. AMAC and Chris thesail, fin and board did not flinch at all on the big runs, absolutely awesome result on stock, off the shelf gear, hats off to you both!.Totally stoked there were so many crew there to witness, and to give it a go in such conditions. Pleased to see Tonster, Daffy, Ado others get PB’s, great effort considering the size/weight for some of you guys. Thanks also to Mick and Jodi for capturing the moment whilst we took on the wind and sand.
Cheers Spotty

More Pictures From Sandy Point on Sunday 27th October

Found some more photo's from Sunday at Sandy Point. Just hope we get some wind soon as i want to get my Speed Board out. Respect to all the guys who got personal best speeds.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some Video and Photo's Of The Wild 40-50 Knot Conditions Today At Sandy Point

Just found these photo's and Video from the Aussies Speedsailing at Sandy Point today. Check them out. Enjoy

New Sponsor

Got some great news today. MCPM which is a new project restoration company for Motorbikes will from now on be helping me out with my Competition and Travel expenses in return for me advertising the company on my sails.

I am stoked about this as most of you know that getting to and from events and expenses when you are there can amount to alot of money each year so knowing that i now have some help will hopefully enable me to get to more events to better my Irish and World ranking.

If you want to get a motorbike restored let me know and i will put you in touch with the company.

Record Falls at Sandy Point - GPSSS 5X10 Record is smashed...

Just got this news of the KA Sails website.

In incredibly wild conditions today, Ka Team Rider Craig"Spotty" Spotswood easily passed Chris Lockwoods previous 5X10 average speed record. Although yet to be made official this record again reinforces the awesome potential of both the Ka Koncept and the Ka Speed fins.Amazing job Spotty, congratulations. All the rest of the guys got well over 40 knots so looks like they have thrown down the gauntlet for the rest of us in Europe for when we finally get the wind this winter.

As soon as i know more i will let you know

Thursday, September 10, 2009

KA Ambassadors Wanted

Thanks for your interest in the KA Ambassador program.

Applications from all over Europe are welcome.

We are looking to recruit a team of KA Ambassadors who are competent windsurfers who sail regularly at local beaches using KA sails supplied at a discount by KA.

You don't have to be the fastest or the flashiest, we want a mix of guys and girls from 13 to 60 who love to windsurf.

KA Ambassadors are selected by KA based on a selection criteria that seeks to:

o Provide coverage for KA at a wide range of popular windsurfing spots
o Provide a blend of up and coming and experienced sailors
o Provide a mix of male and female riders
o Assess the communication and promotional capabilities of potential Ambassadors

If this interests you please get in touch and email me at alastairnichol@gmail.com with your contact detail and explain why you fit the ambassadors program. Don’t forget to tell us where you from, you’re age and where you sail normally.

When we think that you will fit the program we will contact you and sent the details.

KA respects your privacy. The information you provide will not be used in any other way except to assess your application and to communicate with you about the program.

Thanks for your interest.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

2009 EX Demo KA Sails and End Of Season Stock

Checkout the great deals the KA Importer has on end of season stock and also last years 2009 demo sails. If you are interested in buying anything please contact me on alastairnichol@gmail.com or (00353)87 9704602

Full details of the 2009 Ka Sail range can be found here http://kasails.com/

All sails are in holland but we have great deals on shipping the sails to you

Used Sails All sails are in excellent condition


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New Sails


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4.4 € 424 (2 x Black)
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9.0 € 505 (3 x Yellow, 1 x Black)
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As always if you are interested in trying out these awsome sails please contact me. See you on the water.

Hydroptere World Speed Record Pics And Video

Managed to find some pictures of the record run in a video and also a video of the run on Youtube. An amzing achievment by the lads on Hydroptere. Check them out


Monday, September 7, 2009

Dungarven, Sunday 6th September 2009

When we saw the forcast of 25 knot gusting 37 knot South Westerly's myself, Steve Flannagan and Guy Molyneux made plans to meet up on Sunday at midday to coincide with the low tide at 13.40 which exposes the sand bar so we can speedsail here.

I arrived just before midday after driving across from Tralee, County Kerry and Steve and Guy arrived not long after coming down from Dublin. What met us was not looking good, it was raining and blowing about 8 knots. Undeterred we all decided to get into the wetsuits and rig up. I decided to rig up 2 boards and sails as it was forcast to pick up so rigged my Lorch Thunderbird 110 with 36cm Vector Maui Rockit fin and 6.6m KA Koncept, also my Starboard I-Sonic 87 with 30m Vector Maui EX Speed fin and 5.8m KA Koncept. Not soon after we were rigged the wind started to fill in and it was now blowingaround 15 knots so just enough to get going. Once on the water i was apparant that because the wind was Southerly the course was pretty square and only sailable on port tack and also pretty choppy.
My first run down the course was over 30 knots and the wind kept building until it was around 16 knots gusting up to 23 knots and never got any windier but i finished the day with a max speed of 30.57 knots. Shame the forcast never filled in as we really could have got the speedboards out and gone for some decent speeds but nice to get back here and sail again. Didn't get a picture today as my camera would have got destroyed in the rain so the one above is from late last year.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fenit, Friday 4th September 2009

Had a few things i had to do today so got to the beach late in the afternoon. It was blowing around 20 knots and gusting up to 25 so decided to use my Starboard Isonic 87 with 30cm Vector Maui Fins EX Speed and 5.8m KA Koncept. As it was close to high tide there was a few small waves which made sailing interesting with me on slalom kit and i only got an hour on the water before the wind dropped right off. Starting to really get used to sailing the Isonic in the rough stuff and having less volume than my Lorch Thunderbird 110 really helps as the board is not bouncing around as much so is doing the job i bought it for perfectly. Just got to see what i can get out of it on the speed course now.
As i was packing up there was an amazing rainbow over the estuary, check out the photo above

New World Speed Record

Anders Bringdall and the Hydroptere team have managed to achieve some new speed world records.

54kn+ peak
51kn+ 500m
48.7kn Nautical Mile
Checkout the website here http://www.hydroptere.com/ These are amazing speeds they achieved and it looks like they could be the world record holders for a while, Congratulations


Just got my new Navi GT-31 so if you are looking to buy one and don't know where you get one get in contact with Tristan Haskins at http://www.gps-speed.co.uk/ and he will sort you out with one. He has a great deal on a bundle which includes the Gt-31, SD Card and Aquapack so check out his website.