Saturday, May 9, 2009

Malahide Saturday 9th May 2009

I had been working night shift for the past 3 days and it was torture going to work at 4pm when it was sunny and windy out so as Saturday Night was my last shift of the week i arranged to go in at 7pm so it freed up a couple of hours in the afternoon so i could get on the water. I'm so glad i did because it was another great day, sunny and windy 12-18 knots but very gusty. Typical Malahide wind really.

Steve had just got his new North Warp 9.0m so wanted to use that but i decided to use my Lorch Thunderbird 75 with 42cm Vector Maui Fins Canefire fin and 7.5m Koncept hoping it would be enough for the lulls. Once i got on the water the 7.5 was perfect in the gusts but not enough in the lulls but was having great fun anyway. Managed to get a 27.4 knot max on this combo. After a couple of hours i was knackered so packed up as i had to go to work but i reckon i will be do this alot more when i am on nights to take advantage of a good forcast.

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