Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Plan To Get My Weight Down To 80-85KG

I made the decision last month that now was the time to loose some weight. Although as a speedsailor it is handy to have the extra weight to help hold down the bigger sails but at the moment i am 100kg and want to drop my weight to 80-85kg to be a bit more agile and improve my light wind performance as most of my sailing is done in gusty conditions. As an incentive the KA European importer has said he will give me a free sail if i get my weight down to 85kg so this had made me more determined to loose the weight

I have been dieting for the past two weeks which has been hard as i am always hungry but i am determined to stick to it. Today i went into Argos to get myself some bathroom scales as i had none in the house to keep a record of my weight and got a digital body analyser bathroom scale which measures your weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass percentage and body water percentage which will give me more information than just my weight.

My first weight measurement is

Weight - 99.9
Muscle Mass % - 53.9
Body Water % - 46.8
Body Fat % - 32

I will be getting to the gym aswell to work on my overall fitness and tone my muscles for more endurance for racing and hopefully by the end of the summer i will be down to my target weight

Keep coming back to see how i'm getting on

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Events I Plan To Compete In This Year

With the first event of the season only a few weeks away now i have finalised the events i hopefully plan to attend this year. If you are at any of these events and want to give my KA Sails a try come and find me and you are more than welcome to try them out


Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 1
(27th to 28th February 2010)


Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 2
(13th to 14th March 2010)

Paddy's Day Fun Speed Meet, Malahide, County Dublin
(17th March 2010)

Irish Slalom Series Round 1, Newtonards, County Down, Northern Ireland
(27th to 28th March 2010)


Speed World Cup, Gruissan Speedweek, Gruissan, France
(5th to 9th April 2010)

Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 3
(24th to 25th April 2010)


German Surf Festival, Pelzerhaken, Germany
(13th May to 16th May 2010)

Irish Slalom Series Round 2, Castlegreggory, County Kerry, Ireland
(22nd to 23rd May 2010)


Irish Slalom Series Round 3, Downings, County Donegal, Ireland
(17th to 18th July 2010)

Speed World Cup World Championships, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
(29th July to 3rd August 2010)


Irish Slalom Series Round 4, Garylucas, County Cork, Ireland
(14th to 15th August 2010)


Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 4
(18th to 19th September 2010)


Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 5
(9th to 10th October 2010)

Speed World Cup, Weymouth Speedweek, Weymouth, England
(16th to 22nd October 2010)

Irish Slalom Series Round 5, Roundstone, County Galway, Ireland
(23rd to 25th October 2010)


Speed World Cup European Championships, Port St Louis, France
(8th to 14th November 2010)

Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 6 Rollover
(27th to 28th November 2010)

There is also the Speed World Cup European Championships that i hope to compete at aswell that will be held in Port St Louis, France but at the moment the dates have not been confirmed for that event

2010 Irish Speedsailing Calender

Please see below the 2010 Speedsailing Calender

There will be 6 events as long as the weather co operates and there is enough wind. These will be location based depending on the wind. Again this year we will have a Silver (freeride) fleet so don't worry if you do not have the latest speed boards and race sails and havn't done any speedsailing, the silver fleet has been organised for anyone with wave kit or freeride kit to come along and compete. Through our many sponsors and supporters we will have great prizes at each event to hand out at each event.

There is also 1 fun event on Paddy's day where everyone is more than welcome to come along to Wind and Wave in Malahide, Dublin for an introduction to Speedsailing where all the top speedsailors in Ireland will be on hand to give advise. we will have spare GPS's available for you to use so don't worry if you do not have one.

In the calender aswell is the 2 confirmed Speed World Cup Events if anyone is interested in competing in these.

Hope to see you at the events this year and if you have any questions please get in touch

Monday, February 1, 2010

John Kenny Awarded Several Monthly Award's For January Here In Ireland

A good friend of mine and fellow Speed Sailor here in Ireland, John Kenny has been named Irish Independent / “Sailor of the Month” for January after pushing the bounds of waterborne wind-powered speed in Ireland in winter’s big breezes. Kenny achieved a personal best of a burst of 45.3 knots (it’s 84 kph) and averaged 42.52 for the 500 metres at Burrow Beach, Sutton, County Dublin