Monday, May 11, 2009

Burrow Beach Monday 11th May 2009

I'm just back in the house an hour after an epic session at Burrow Beach in Dublin. Last year a couple of local lads posted 40 knots here and we have been waiting for the chance to try the spot out. It only works in a North to North Easterly which is a wind direction that is pretty rare but today we got the chance to finally get on the water here.

Myself, John Kenny (JK), Steve Flannagan and Lewis and Ryan all arrived late afternoon to coincide with low tide that exposes a sand bank and in this wind direction provides a broad course. It was blowing 16-22 knots East to North East, sunny and warm which was a suprise considering the easterly winds. I decided on my Lorch Thunderbird 110 with Vector Maui Fins 30cm EX Speed and my KA Koncept 6.6m because it was not quite windy enough for my speedboard and hit the water. Straight away we were posting 30 knot runs and the water was getting flatter with the dropping tide. Just as the tide got to it's lowest point it was less than knee depth and getting dangerous so we came in for an hour to let the tide come in a bit so the water was deeper. We then all went back on the water for another couple of hours and started to get faster speeds, some of which were posted when it was dark. We finally came of the water after 10pm in the dark, with everyone with big smiles on their faces in what was an awsome session on the water. I managed a 32.42 Knot Max Speed and increased my Personal Best speeds for the year so am very stoked with my session today. Check out my session on Gps-Speedsurfing here

Forcast looks good for tommorow afternoon again so we will be heading back, hopefully getting the speedboards out of the bags and getting bigger speeds. Big Thanks to JK for spending some time taking some photo's today, cheers mate. Speedsailing rocks :-)))))))

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