Friday, May 29, 2009

New Sponsor

I am very pleased to announce i have been offered a deal with Pro Motion Wetsuits. You can check out the range of wetsuits here:-

Pro Motion are based in in Hood River, Oregon, USA. Besides being a top windsurfing and kiteboarding destination, the "Gorge" has proven to be an unbeatable location to design and test wetsuits. Temperatures range from below freezing in the winter, to above 100 degrees in the summer, giving ProMotion the opportunity to test and refine every product in their line. From cold water steamers all the way down to sun protecting rash-guards, it all has to pass the "Gorge" test before it ends up on the sales floor. One of the main features of the windsurfing wetsuits they make is the No Fatigue Forearm - Forearms are cut oversized, then taper down to a snug fit at the wrists to prevent wetsuit fatigue while keeping water out. Keeps you on the water longer.

I am stoked to have the oportunity to use and promote these wetuits and once i have recieved my new wetsuits my old wetsuits will be for sale so keep checking back to see if they are available

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