Sunday, December 8, 2013

Updated For Sale List

Are you looking to get a new wetsuit?? Just updated my for sale list with my old Pro Motion wetsuits, you can check out the pictures here:-

5/3mm Pro Motion Storm Winter Suit (XL Short) - 90 euro
4/3mm Pro Motion Charger Full Arm Suit (XL Short) - 80 euro
3/2mm Pro Motion Storm Convertible Summer Suit (XL Short) - 60 euro
2mm Pro Motion Wizzard Short John (XL) - 40 Euro
1.5mm Pro Motion Neo Skin Long Sleeve Neoprene Top (XL) - 30 euro
1.5mm Pro Motion Hooded Neoprene Vest (XL) - 30 euro

All suits are in excellent condition and the only reason i am selling is due to me now being sponsored by Spartan Wetsuits, they have only a couple of seasons use and not been used at all this year due to injury.

Get in touch if you need a new wetsuit

Also still got my current KA Koncept's and KA Kaos wavesails, if you need a new sail then get in touch, can post/ship at buyer cost

Friday, October 11, 2013

10 Seconds

This short windsurfing video has been around for a while now but is a great Speedsailing video shot a few years ago at Strand Horst in Holland, enjoy

10 seconds from Michel Meijer on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Choosing The Right Size Vector Fin For Your Board/Sail Size

Vector Fins have published these following fin selector charts for the fins available to buy and are a great guide to help you choose the right fin you need for the Board/Sail combinations you have. Factors such as sailor level, boards, sails, rider weight/size and sailing conditions all comes into play when choosing the right fin but these fin selector charts are a good base guide to start from.

Click on the pictures below for an enlarged version

Vector Canefire Slalom

The standard for slalom racing. Fast and stable with exceptional control. Superb upwind and early planing performance. The straight leading edge and positive curved trailing edge together with the slightly wider tip section, making sure to deliver a lifty fin that will get the wider tail boards up and going. Great for flatter to choppy water conditions. A personal favourite fin of mine in the larger sizes and recommended sizes to buy are 34cm-46cm

Vector EX Slalom 

This fin was designed for the rougher, highwind Maui slalom series and has been used for speed series all over the world. It has a curved leading edge with some tip sweep. Recorded 43 knots on Maui's open ocean conditions. If you want control this is your fin, it'll keep the nose of the board down and is a great fin for lighter riders as well or sailors that want to keep the board very flat and sailing mostly downwind. The fins is more swept back for this control and older style boards with a narrower tail like these fins. A personal favourite of mine in the smaller sizes and recommended sizes to buy are 28cm-36cm

Vector Rockit Slalom 

This is one of the longest running Vector designs and this solid winner utilizes straight lines and a bit more power in the tip in a simple outline that deliver a all round performance for all conditions. It has more upwind ability than the EX but is still extremely fast off the wind with excellent control. Will fit most boards, modern as well and older style. Recommended sizes to buy 28cm-38cm

Vector Volt Slalom 

Lots of development and testing has gone into the Volt slalom fins. These fins will make your board handling a breeze and increase your speed potential. Made for "full on" slalom boards and again tested by PWA slalom sailors on different boards over a long period of time. Drive and acceleration comes from width in the base, then a moderate flex and slightly swept back profile gives you the control even in the most demanding of conditions, upwind, across the wind and downwind. A concave in the trailing edge makes them very slippy through the water. These fins are developed for racing with max pressure on the fin at all times and will perform in any condition. For racing, acceleration, jibing, top end speed and control these fins are a winner. Recommended sizes to buy are all sizes 28cm-48cm

Vector Slalom Weed

Not just a racked back pointer fin!!. Designed to perform as a slalom weed fin. The wide base ensure push/drive and the ridged profile will deliver control all with a very refined profile, especially developed for the raked fin angle

Vector Delta Speed

Speed and control, the Delta speed is a master of work and has proven to take the speed potential of any riders to the next level. With it's unique design of looking something like a shark s fin it stands out from the crowd. It didn't take many speed runs to figure out why they are so popular and in high demand from speed sailors worldwide. Aggressively raked back for board control, really wide base section for max push/drive without ever letting go and a refined foil section profile develope for high speed. Board control is at a maximum at all times as these fins don't lift the nose of the board out of the water when a gust hits, you can hold on and just keep pushing the endless top speed. Compared to a normal pointer fin you will need to use a fin 3-4cm shorter as the Delta Speed will deliver the same power. Slalom sailors have even been seen using these fins for their amazing control and top speed potential. If it's all about speed then look no further. Another personal favourite of mine and recommended to buy in all sizes 19cm-27cm

Vector Delta Speed Weed

The name says it all. High performing speed fins that will ensure not to catch and weed on the speed run. Many places with shallow water also have weed and the last thing you want is to crash at full speed sailing into it, the Delta Speed Weed is the answer for those conditions.

If you need help on choosing any of these fins please get in touch and leave a comment here and i'll reply and all these fins are available to buy at

Monday, August 12, 2013

For Sale

It's time to replace my sails, due to injury some of the are still brand new and the rest have had little use and are in excellent condition. The KA Koncept i use for Speed Sailing but is equally good for blasting at your local spot due to it's forgiving easy going nature. The KA Kaos is a wave sail but equally good for high wind bump and jump.

Sail specs for the 2008 KA Kaos can be found here and the 2009 KA Kaos here

Sail specs for the 2012 KA Koncept can be found here and the 2013 KA Koncept here

Photo's are available on request:-

2012 9.5m KA Koncept (Red/Black)(I have put my sail number and sponsors logo's on the sail but it's Unused and only rigged once) - £450 (520 euros)
2013 8.5m KA Koncept (Yellow/Black)(Brand New and Unused) - £490 (565 euros)
2012 7.5m KA Koncept (Purple/Black)(Unused since November 2012 Due To Injury) - £300 (346 euros)
2012 6.6m KA Koncept (Yellow/Black)(Unused since November 2012 Due To Injury) - £300 (346 euros)
2013 6.2m KA Koncept (Yellow/Black)(Brand New and Unused) - £438 (505 euros)
2012 5.8m KA Koncept (Yellow/Black)(Unused since November 2012 Due To Injury) - £300 (346 euros)
2013 5.4m KA Koncept (Yellow/Black)(Brand New and Unused) - £425 (490 euros)
2013 5.0m KA Koncept (Yellow/Black)(Brand New and Used) - £420 (484 euros)
2008 4.4m KA Koncept (Red/White/Black) - £130 (150 euros)

2009 5.3m KA Kaos (Black/Silver) - £150 (170 euros)
2008 4.7m KA Kaos (Orange/White) - £140 (160 euros)
2008 4.2m KA Kaos (Orange/White) - £130 (150 euros)

I also have the following recommended masts for these sails available:-

520cm 100% Carbon SDM KA Sails Mast - £300 (346 euros)
490cm 100% Carbon SDM KA Sails Mast - £250 (288 euros)
460cm 100% Carbon SDM KA Sails Mast - £300 (346 euros)
460cm 100% Carbon SDM KA Sails Mast - £300 (346 euros)
460cm 100% Carbon RDM KA Sails Mast - £250 (Spare top section included in sale)
430cm 100% Carbon RDM KA Sails Mast - £250 (288 euros)
400cm 100% Carbon RDM KA Sails Mast - £250 (288 euros)
400cm 100% Carbon RDM KA Sails Mast - £250 (288 euros)
370cm 100% Carbon RDM Tushingham Carbon Mast - £200 (230 euros)

Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Van

I knew it was only a matter of time with my old van cause of the age of it, but when i got my mechanic to look at it to get some things fixed it was all gonna cost more than what it is worth so the time has come to replace it. Also having avan as big as i did was great for storing lots of gear but for everyday use wasn't very practical to use because of the size so i decided to look for a smaller van. Also a smaller van will be more economical to run so cost less in the long run :-)

I managed to find a 2003 VW Transporter 2.5TDI in great condition and i hope it to be the first of many Transporters i will own over the coming years.

Need it to store most of my windsurfing kit and also have a bed in there so i can sleep in it for extended trips away so keep an eye on my blog as to how i'm gonna convert the back to store my windsurfing gear and maybe give you ideas as to how to convert your own vans.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

For Sale

I've updated my For Sale list and i'm selling the following:-

2011 Mistral Screamer 123 - 500 euro
2008 4.4m KA Koncept - 150 euro
23.5cm G_Sport Wave Fin - 30 euro
Gaastra Race Footstraps (Set of 4) - 15 euro

Everything is located near Tralee in County Kerry, Ireland. Give me a shout if you're interested in anything

Pictures of everything can be seen here

Saturday, May 18, 2013

New Sponsor

I am very pleased to announce that i have become a team rider for Rockerline Surfware.

Rockline Surfware are a small extreme sports clothing company based in South Yorkshire, bordering the peak district in England. Captivated by the great outdoors, they love flowing with it's elements and are relentlessly searching for new lines, routes, waves and runs which define their products.

They make men's and women's clothing built to withstand the demands of the sports we love - surfing, skateboarding  kiting, climbing, biking, snowboarding and windsurfing, as well as for our day to day lives.

They believe in quality and believe that making a product which lasts longer and it's hard wearing and core aim is to make products that work for their riders and you.

I'm stoked to be representing Rockerline and being part of this up and coming surf wear brand.

You can check them out at the following places:-

Website -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Instagram -