Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Malahide Tuesday 5th May 2009

I had a few things i needed to get done today so it was late afternoon before i could get to Malahide to go windsurfing. The wind was from the West but the Malahide side didn't look to great so i headed across to Kilcrea and on arriving it was looking windy. I was about to rig my 5.8m Koncept but Andy Radley told me he was overpowered on his 4.5 so i decided to rig my 5.0m Koncept with Lorch 64 with 30cm Vector Maui Fins EX Speed as i wanted to have the extra volume because there was big holes in the wind and it was very gusty. On my first run out i was glad i rigged the 5.0m Koncept as a big squall came through and i was overpowered. I spent the day going deep of the wind trying to get a 30 knot max for the first time here at Malahide and on a couple of runs heard the overspeed alarm i had set at 30 knots go off that i had set on my GPS so i am stoked to have achieved 30 knots here at Malahide. Now got to try and improve that at get a bigger max speed and an average of over 30 knots so thats my goal from now on.

On one of the runs though i had a big crash where thankfully i didn't hurt myself but cant say the same for my boom. As i am upgrading my booms after getting my sponsorship deal with Chinook i only have a small alloy boom for my 5.0m Koncpet so was using this today but managed to bend it out of shape in the crash. Guess i will be using carbon booms in this size from now on. Another great day on the water and hoping for more the same in the coming weeks.

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