Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Burrow Beach Tuesday 12th May 2009

Myself and Steve went back to Burrow Beach after our epic session yesterday hoping for more of the same and Barry Whitelaw came along to check out the location. It had forcasted 20 knots today but when we got there it was only blowing 12-16knots.

I decided to use my Lorch Thunderbird 110 with 36cm Vector Maui Rockit Fin and 7.5m KA Koncept and after yesterday rigging took a bit longer as i was aching all over but i was the first on the water. I managed to get a decent gust at the start of the course, bore off and clocked 29.52 knots on my first run. Unfortunatly the wind dropped after that so i didn't get any more decent runs. The course was very broad today, about 130 to 140 degrees and i could get going but once i bore off to go down the course i was well underpowered and couldn't keep the board going.

I stuck around for the next 3 hours hoping the wind would pick back up but it never happened and as Steve had clocked just over 28 knots i finished the day with the fastest speed, just wish it had been windier cause most of the time i was slogging along off the plane.

Looking at the forcast for the week Friday might have enough wind for a dawn session here so if theres is wind i'll head there straight from night shift and try to improve my Irish GPS Ranking

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