Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Profile

Name – Alastair Nichol

Sail Number – IRL-250

Date of Birth – 18/07/1972

Sponsors – KA Sails, Mistral, Chinook, Vector Maui Fins, & Rockerline Clothing

Likes – Speed sailing and light wind cruising on my Raceboard

Dislike – When it is windy, I'm stuck in work and used up all my Sick Days, I hate it

Favourite Spots –

Burrow Beach, County Dublin, Ireland.
Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland.
La Franqui, France.
Weymouth, England,
Southend, England
West Kirby, England and the
The Gorge, Oregon, USA

Background -

I have been windsurfing since I was 12 and my favourite disciplines are Raceboard and Speed and I still love the sport as much as I did when I first discovered it. I have been participating in GPS Speed sailing scene since invested in my first GPS unit. Now i have broken the 40 knot barrier with a peak speed of 41.22 knots, in the coming future I have set myself the goal of achieving 40 plus 500m and 5x10 second average speed and pushing my top speed over 43.5 knots (50mph). Now being involved with KA Sails, Mistral, Chinook and Vector Maui Fins I am sure I will achieve this goal.


  1. Ive been windsurfing since I was 10 lol now im 13 :P im getting a KA Koncept 2011 next month

  2. Hi Alistair,
    Read on the UK Windsurfing forum that you'd had some gear stolen, but can't register as the link is down. So I came here to say that a Falcon 79 has just come up for sale in Ireland!

    Hope this helps

    Pete Gilbert.

  3. Hi Pete,

    Thanks for the info. It was not my gear that was stolen, i posted it for a friend and have passed on the information and he is now looking into it. Thanks again for your help.



  4. I am designing a racking system for the back of a builder van for a college project, i was doing some research and came across your page, the idea i was thinking of i s similar to yours i was wondering if you can help me.