Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Current Equipment


For Longboard, Slalom and Speed i use the 5.5m, 6.3m, 7.1m, 7.9m, 8.7m KA Race

For Wave Sailing i use the 5.8m KA Kult and 5.0m, 4.2m KA Killer Wave Sails


For Longboard Sailing i use a Mistral Equipe 2 with my 8.7m KA Koncept

For Slalom and Lightwind Speed i use the following -

2013 Mistral Slalom 137 with my 7.9m, 8.7m KA Race

2013 Mistral Slalom 112 with my 6.3m, 7.1m and 7.9m KA Race

2011 Mistral Screamer 95 with my 5.5m, 6.3m and 7.1m KA Race

For Speed Sailing i use the Following -

2013 Mistral Speed 95 with my 6.3m, 7.1m and 7.9m KA Race

2013 Mistral Speed 73 with my 5.5m, 6.3m KA Race

2015 Mistral Speed 63 with my 5.5m KA Race

For Wavesailing and Bump and Jump i use the following -

2011 Mistral Joker Wave 95 with my 4.2m and 5.0m KA Killer and 5.8m KA Kult


For Light Wind Slalom and Raceboard i use Vector Fins Maui Canefire G10 and Carbon Fins (50cm to 40cm)

For Medium to High Wind Slalom i use Vector Fins Maui Rockit, Vector Fins Maui Carbon Volt and Vector Fins Maui SL9 Alfa Fins (30cm to 40cm)

For Speed Sailing i use Vector Fins Maui EX Speed Fins (24cm to 30cm), Vector Fins Maui Delta Speed Fins (21cm to 29cm), Vector Fins Maui Raven Asymmetric Speed (20cm to 22cm) and KA Assymetric Speed Fins (20cm to 23cm)

For Wavesailing I use Vector Maui Fins Onshore Wave fins (22cm to 26cm)

Booms, Masts, Mast Extensions and Mast Bases

I Use The Following:-

Chinook Carbon Booms,

KA 100% Carbon SDM (400, 430, 460, 490, 520) and RDM Masts (370, 400, 430, 460)

Chinook Aluminium Extensions and Chinook Mast Bases


I Use

A Kona Hoss Mountain Bike on the Road

And A Kona Dawg Primo Full Suspension Mountain Bike for Off Road

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