Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fermoyle, Brandon Bay, County Kerry Tuesday 27th April

On Tuesday the forcast was good for Fermoyle again and there was no swell again so i headed down there to go Speedsailing. When i arrived the wind was very gusty with lulls of 10 knots and it was gusting up to 30 knots so i waited for a while to see if the wind would settle but it wouldn't so i decided to rig for the gusts and use a small sail as my 7.3m would be too big for me in the gusts and use a board with a bit of volume to get me through the lulls.

I decided to use my Starboard I Sonic 86 with 32cm SL9 Alfa fin and my 5.7m KA Koncept and once i had them rigged i got onto the water. I soon realised that i would have to wait for the gusts to come through to get going and only got a couple of runs in as it was very hard to get going in the gusts.

I finished up after a couple of hours after getting a max speed of 28.38 knots which i was dissapointed with as i know i can go much faster but after the lack of wind this winter i am out of practice and i am also not used to my new sails yet so the plan is to get alot more time on the water and get used to the small stuff again