Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wanted : F2 Race 380

After i competed at the first Inland event at Pitsford i realised that to be competitive i needed a raceboard with more volume. My current F2 Lightning World Cup Edition is still very competative when the wind gets up but i loose out in light winds when the F2 Race 380's and Starboard Phantom's have a definite advantage due to them having 290-300 liters of volume compared to the 250 of my current Lightning.

If you have one for sale of know of anyone that might have one sale can you please contact me or leave a comment on this post and i will get in touch, Cheers


  1. I am trying to find one too. Did you manage to find any? I am from Seattle, please help. Thanks Ondrej

  2. I found one but soon after found a Phantom so i sold on the F2380 when i bought the Phantom. I sent you an email earier as one of my friends is possibly selling a 380