Monday, August 23, 2010

Sandy Bay, Castlegregory, County Kerry, Ireland 21st August 2010

The forcast was for light winds in the morning with the wind increasing in the afternoon so i decided to head over to Castlegregory to meet some friends and get back out on the Phantom to continue getting used to the board.

When i arrived at Sandy Bay it was raining and hardly any wind so i went up to Jamie Knox's shop to chill out for a while and wait and see what the wind would do. Not to soon afterwards the rain stopped and the sun came out with wind starting to pick up to about 8 knots so i headed back to Sandy Bay and rigged up my KA Race 9.0m and got the Starboard Phantom 380 ready, got changed and hit the water.

The wind was very gusty with massive holes in the wind but i still managed to get in to the back straps a few times and for about 10-20 minutes the wind picked up to about 12 knots and i managed a peak speed of 22.23 Knots which has incresed my personal best max speed on the board a little

I stayed out a bit longer until the wind started to drop so headed in but happy to get a session in a bit more wind to work on getting used to the board for my next UKWA event. The rest of the week is looking good for wind so fingers crossed the wind drought has ended and i can now get out on the smaller kit again.

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