Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fenit, County Kerry, Ireland 23rd August 2010

Finally the wind came back :-))

I only had time for a quick session so i decided to head over to Fenit to coincide with the High Tide so i could sail in the estuary. On arriving it was looking windy, about 20 knots gusting up to 26 so i decided i would use my Starboard I Sonic 86 but as i was putting a fin in i managed to break the head of my screwdriver in the process damaging the head of the fin bolt. All the screw drivers i had left were smaller so i damaged the head even more trying to get the bolt out so as i couldn't get the fin attached to the board properly i decided to use my Starboard I Sonic 111 with 38cm Vector Maui Fins ZX fin and 6.4m KA Koncept.

As soon as i got on the water it became apparent that the windy was very gusty while massive holes and i was absolutely stacked in the gusts but at least it was windy. I spent the next hour having a great time realising how much i missed full power slalom sailing but the main drawback of the lack of wind is my sailing fitness has suffered so will have to work on the now as my forearm muscles were cramping up. The lightwind sailing helps with the fitness but nothing can simulate the work out your forearms get when sailing overpowered.

One thing i have realized about this location as i haven't sailed here much is the windier it gets the chopper it gets and wish i could have used my Starboard I Sonic 86 as the I Sonic 111 was a bit too big in the chop and gusts

All in all though it was great to see the wind back and to be sunny at the same time was awsome and i hope there is more sessions like this in the coming weeks

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