Friday, August 13, 2010

Blithfield Reservoir, England Saturday 7th August 2010

I was across in the UK on the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th of August to collect some motorbikes for my sponsor MCPM and i had also arranged to coillect my new longboard, a Starboard Phantom 380 Race. As i had Saturday daytime free i met up with Jon White, a top UKWA raceboard sailor to test out my new Phantom at Blithfield Reservoir, Staffordshire, England. When i arrived there wasn't alot of wind so i checked out Jon's new custom SD Race Sail that he was rigging up and soon the wind started picking up to about 6-7 knots so i got changed, rigged my 9.0m KA Race and headed out on the water.

My first impressions of the board was everything was so much easier to do and my 9.0m KA Race suited the board alot more than than my old raceboards which i was happy with. After a while the wind picked up for about 5 minutes to about 12-14 knots where i was able to get in the back straps and managed a peak speed of 21.24 knots which considering i was underpowered on my 9.0m wasn't too bad so i reckon i can get the board close to 30 knots in some decent wind.

After the wind dropped i stayed out for a bit longer but the wind was dropping right off so i headed in and hung around for a while to see what the wind was doing. The wind didn't pick up again so i packed up as i had a 150 mile drive to where i was collecting the next motorbike.

I am very happy i now have the Starboard Phantom 380 and now in the UKWA events i have a board i compete successfully on and i cant wait for the event in Farmoor, Oxford on September 4th and 5th

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