Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2011 Starboard I Sonic Speed Boards

The details of the new Starboard I Sonic Speed Specials have just been released and they look amazing. Loving the minimal look with no paint. Hopefully i can get some money together to get a W58 to go with the W44 & W49 I Sonic Speeds i already own :-)

The new iSonic Speed Specials: designed and developed by Björn Dunkerbeck, Carlos Sosa, Remi Vila, Tiesda You. The R&D team took the opportunity of having a clean sheet to focus on new shapes and a new dedicated speed-specific construction.

Shapes: the shapes of the new W44, W49 and W53 are Björn's exact custom replicas shaped by Carlos Sosa. These have evolved the last season to include deep deck concaves, benefitting with added control and improved aerodynamics. The W58 maintains its 2010 shape as it remains the top choice for all-round medium and light wind speed runs.

Technology: an all-new Speed Technology was also developed: a pure carbon construction with carbon overlapping rail wraps for total stiffness and an ultra-light paintless finish.

"The W53 is a great contest board when it is flat. You can use 7.8 down to 6.2. It's easy, it has great control and it is very, very fast. The W49 is good from 7.0 to 5.6. Faster and just as easy with the same levels of control. The W44 is the most fun to ride but it needs the most wind. Use it with sails 6.2 and down to 5.1. These boards have been developed over years and they are the fastest boards I got to date. Carlos Sosa and I have been working on speed boards together since 1986 and with great results. Try them out and windsurf faster than ever. Enjoy your speed sailing." Björn

iSonic Speed Special W44

Sails: 5.1 to 6.2
Ultra Flat water: 20cm fin
Flat water: 22cm fin
All-round conditions: 24cm fin
Choppy / light wind: 26cm fin

iSonic Speed Special W49

Sails: 5.6 to 7.0
Ultra Flat water: 22cm fin
Flat water: 24cm fin
All-round conditions: 26cm fin
Choppy / light wind: 28cm fin

iSonic Speed Special W53

Sails: 6.2 to 7.8
Ultra Flat water: 26cm fin
Flat water: 28cm fin
All-round conditions: 30cm fin
Choppy / light wind: 32cm fin

iSonic Speed Special W58

Sails: 5.8 to 8.0+
Ultra Flat water: 28cm fin
Flat water: 30cm fin
All-round conditions: 32cm fin
Choppy / light wind: 34cm fin


  1. 1) No-paint finish on the deck and rails - for minimum weight

  2. 2) Very deep deck concave - increases control, closes the gap between sail and deck

  3. 3) Fish scale pad grooving - unidirectional traction. Grips when you need them to, helps to release when you don't.

  4. 4) Minimal pads = minimal weight

  5. 5) New Slick Straps by Drake - includes the convenient strap-size indicators.

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