Monday, August 3, 2009

Kerry Speed Spots

We'll my back is still hurting me so have not been able to get on the water for the past few weeks but hopefully this week i will be okay to sail so been pretty bored the past few weeks. I got the chance yesterday to drive out to the spot just south of Ballybunion near to where i live to check out the entrance to the river to see if it is suitable for speedsailing. I got there 3 hours before low tide and on first impressions the spot looks good. The surrounding land is fairly flat so does not block the wind too much and there is a sand bar that dries out that you can see in the second video below which i took of the location. We will have to launch from the South Side as access on the North Side is limited

Now all i need is some strong wind to try out the spot and see if it works. Fingers crossed i have a speed spot on my doorstep so i don't need to travel too far.

I have also now been able to check out Fenit at low tide and unfortunatly the estuary completely dries out where i thought the speed strip might work so it is gonna be a high tide venue where we can have a crack at some nautical miles in the big winter stroms i can't wait to hit here this winter.

Ballybunion Speed Strip From North Side Of River

Ballybunion Speed Strip From South Side Of River

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