Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fenit Estuary, Friday 28th August 2009

I Headed to Fenit Estuary as i wanted to check it out in when the wind direction was South West to Westerly. Also decided to launch from the other side to where i usually launch from as i arrived after high tide and this spot is part of the estuary that has water in it the longest before it fully drains. If you launch by the sand dunes you only really have 2 1/2 hours before the water level gets to low and launching from this side gives you at least 4 hours of sailing after high tide.

I arrived and it was blowing 18-22 knots so i decided to rig my Starboard I Sonic 87 with 30cm EX Vector Maui Fin and my KA Koncept 5.8m. There is alot of rocks around here so you have to be carefull and as i was a bit downwind there was 1ft chop pretty close together and the wind for some reason was constantly up and down so was underpowered most of the time and i didn't get in any decent runs. I was hoping that this spot in the estuary might be good for a possible speed spot but this is now not looking likely. Looks like the best spot is gonna be closer to the dunes where the water is flatter.

Nice to get on the water though for a couple of hours and hoping we have some wind on it's way from the west for later in the week.

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