Monday, August 24, 2009

Fenit, Monday 24th August 2009

Well my back is alot better and have been looking to get on the water for the past week but unfortunatly up till today there has been little or no wind so when i saw there was wind today i was itching to get on the water. I decided to take the short drive over to Fenit and sail on the sea there. When i arrived it was blowing 14-18 knots so i decided to use my Lorch Thunderbird 110 with 36cm Vector Maui Rockit fin and KA Koncept 6.6m. When i was ready to hit the water i went to the car to get my GPS but in my rush to leave the house i forgot it so was pretty gutted i couldn't record my session.

Anyway i hit the water as the tide was coming in and was a little bit choppy but as the tide got higher so did the chop so it got a little interesting at times blasting through the chop so was good practice. Just wish i had my GPS to see what sort of speeds i achieved.

Had a good couple of hours on the water until it started raining which killed the wind so decided to call it a day and save myself for later in the week. Thursday is looking good for Scraggane over in Castlegreggory as it will be 20 knots plus offshore/cross offshore so the speed strip there should be working.

Not sure how much of the tail end of the latest hurricane we will get here in Ireland but i'm itching to get my small speed kit out and get some fast speeds

See you on the water

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