Thursday, March 24, 2011

Paddy's Day Malahide, County Dublin, Ireland Thursday 17th March 2011

On Paddy's day last week my sponsor Wind & Wave held an open day and fun Slalom/Speed event so i made the long trip up from Kerry to help out. I left at 5am and got up just after 10am and on arrival there was hardly any wind. Now i had been keeping an eye on the forecast all week and there wasn't much forecast but i made the trip anyway.

After a few hours the wind started to pick up so i decided to get out on my Starboard Phantom and 9.5m Raceboard sail and go for a cruise round the Estuary at Malahide for a couple of hours and get some practice in ready for the upcoming UKWA Inland Series. Not long after i had got on the water the wind started to drop off but i stayed out there in case it picked up and i had a great light wind session coming off the water knackered. The great thing about the phantom is you can get to enjoy light winds again when otherwise you would be sitting on the beach complaining there was no wind.

It was a shame the wind didn't cooperate and give us some decent wind but everyone had a great time and i eventually got back down to Kerry around 11pm absolutely knackered after a great trip up to Malahide and hopefully it won't be too long before i can get back up there.

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