Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Events I Plan To Compete In This Year

Well it's now the time of the year that i start to make plans at what events i can get to over the coming year. Money is very tight for me this year so i'm not sure if i will get to any others Speed World Cup events other that Weymouth Speed Week so it's likely i will not have a great World Ranking come the end of the year. Hopefully if the phone calls i have made this week about work as an Electrician in the UK pan out then i should be able to get some money together but until i get the news i have been successful in my job application then Speed World Cup events will unfortunately for me be put on hold.

With this in mind i have planned to do the UKWA Inland series again to try to improve my results from last year and will again compete in the Irish Speedsailing Series and also go to Weymouth Speedweek again. Not sure if i will get to it but hopefully i can do the Round Hayling Marathon this year but that depends on the forecast as it is the day before one of the Irish Speed events.

The events i plan to go to this year are:-


Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 2
(26th to 27th March 2011)


UKWA Inland Series Round 1, Pitsford Reservoir, Northamptonshire, England
(16th to 17th April 2011)

Round Hayling Marathon, Hayling Island, Hampshire, England
(22nd April 2011)

Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 3
(23rd to 24th April 2011)


UKWA Inland Series Round 2, Derwent Reservoir, County Durham, England
(14th to 15th May 2011)


UKWA Inland Series Round 3, Rutland Reservoir, Leicestershire, England
(11th to 12th June 2011)


UKWA Inland Series Round 4, Rutland Reservoir, Leicestershire, England
(23rd to 24th July 2011)


UKWA Inland Series Round 5, Farmoor Reservoir, Oxfordshire, England
(10th to 11th September 2011)

Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 4
(17th to 18th September 2011)


Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 5
(8th to 9th October 2011)

Weymouth Speedweek, Weymouth, Dorset, England
(15th to 21st October 2011)


Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 6
(19th to 20th November 2011)

Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 6 (Roll Over Option)
(26th to 27th November 2011)

As per previous Irish Speedsailing Championships the event locations are picked on the Thursday before the event with the location having the best forecast chosen to hold the event. Regular updates are made on the Irish Speedsailing Championships Facebook page and website.

I will also have KA sails available for demo at all the events i will be attending. Come and find me at the beach, look out for the KA Flags

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