Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My New SUP

Well I've taken the plunge and bought my first SUP, a 12'6" Starboard Cruiser. The coast near where i'm living in Kerry is perfect for Surfing and Supping and as the start of the year has been just like last year with hardly any wind i wanted to get something to work on my fitness and take advantage of the great waves in the light winds when there is not enough for my wave board. Had it out a few times already and it's a great board for learning the basics. Got the whole package (Sup, Board Bag, Carbon Paddle, Paddle Bag and Leash) for a great price from a guy in england

Not too much else to report as i have been working all the hours i can and saving up for my new KA Sails i have on order so not had too much spare time to get out and when i have been able to the wind hasn't cooperated :-(( so haven't been able to get out windsurfing but hopefully now the days are getting longer i should be able to get out in the evenings after work.

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