Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Plan To Get My Weight Down To 80-85KG

I made the decision last month that now was the time to loose some weight. Although as a speedsailor it is handy to have the extra weight to help hold down the bigger sails but at the moment i am 100kg and want to drop my weight to 80-85kg to be a bit more agile and improve my light wind performance as most of my sailing is done in gusty conditions. As an incentive the KA European importer has said he will give me a free sail if i get my weight down to 85kg so this had made me more determined to loose the weight

I have been dieting for the past two weeks which has been hard as i am always hungry but i am determined to stick to it. Today i went into Argos to get myself some bathroom scales as i had none in the house to keep a record of my weight and got a digital body analyser bathroom scale which measures your weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass percentage and body water percentage which will give me more information than just my weight.

My first weight measurement is

Weight - 99.9
Muscle Mass % - 53.9
Body Water % - 46.8
Body Fat % - 32

I will be getting to the gym aswell to work on my overall fitness and tone my muscles for more endurance for racing and hopefully by the end of the summer i will be down to my target weight

Keep coming back to see how i'm getting on

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