Saturday, February 13, 2010

Events I Plan To Compete In This Year

With the first event of the season only a few weeks away now i have finalised the events i hopefully plan to attend this year. If you are at any of these events and want to give my KA Sails a try come and find me and you are more than welcome to try them out


Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 1
(27th to 28th February 2010)


Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 2
(13th to 14th March 2010)

Paddy's Day Fun Speed Meet, Malahide, County Dublin
(17th March 2010)

Irish Slalom Series Round 1, Newtonards, County Down, Northern Ireland
(27th to 28th March 2010)


Speed World Cup, Gruissan Speedweek, Gruissan, France
(5th to 9th April 2010)

Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 3
(24th to 25th April 2010)


German Surf Festival, Pelzerhaken, Germany
(13th May to 16th May 2010)

Irish Slalom Series Round 2, Castlegreggory, County Kerry, Ireland
(22nd to 23rd May 2010)


Irish Slalom Series Round 3, Downings, County Donegal, Ireland
(17th to 18th July 2010)

Speed World Cup World Championships, Fuerteventura, Canary Islands
(29th July to 3rd August 2010)


Irish Slalom Series Round 4, Garylucas, County Cork, Ireland
(14th to 15th August 2010)


Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 4
(18th to 19th September 2010)


Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 5
(9th to 10th October 2010)

Speed World Cup, Weymouth Speedweek, Weymouth, England
(16th to 22nd October 2010)

Irish Slalom Series Round 5, Roundstone, County Galway, Ireland
(23rd to 25th October 2010)


Speed World Cup European Championships, Port St Louis, France
(8th to 14th November 2010)

Irish Speedsailing Championships Round 6 Rollover
(27th to 28th November 2010)

There is also the Speed World Cup European Championships that i hope to compete at aswell that will be held in Port St Louis, France but at the moment the dates have not been confirmed for that event

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