Sunday, November 8, 2009

European Speedsailing Championships, Dungarven 1st - 7th November Days 5 & 6

As the wind was still forcasting North Westerlys we were all called back to Clonea beach on day 5 at 8am for skippers breiefing but when we got there there was hardly any wind so we were put on hold until the wind showed any signs of picking up. Around 11am it looked like it was getting windy enough so i rigged my Starboard I Sonic 87 with 36cm Vector Maui Rockit fin and my 7.5m Ka Koncept and put it down on the beach to be ready incase the call came to start speedsailing. Not long after the wind looked like it was picking off it started to die again and the call was made around 4pm to abandon the day and skippers meeting was called for 9.30am back at the Speedstrip the following day.

On day 6 we all went back to the Speedstrip and again the forcasted winds never showed so most of the day was spent waiting again. In the afternoon it picked up a little so the green flag went up and we were sent onto the water so i borrowed a Bic Techno 75 from Killian from Wind & Wave as my Starboard I Sonic 111 was still not fixed and put a 42cm Vector Maui Canefire fin into it and went out on that with my 7.5m KA Koncept. Not long after getting on the water the green flag came down as the wind had dropped again so again the wind dissapointed us again. With only 1 day left of the competition we were all hoping that the last day brought some decent wind and Skippers Briefing was called for 9.30am with the forcast showing West to South Westerly's for the final day.

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