Sunday, November 8, 2009

European Speedsailing Championships, Dungarven 1st - 7th November Day 7

I got down to the beach for Skippers briefing at 9.30am and there was again little wind but it was forcasted to pick up as the day progressed. It was also raining which made it miserable waiting around but atleast we had the big tent to wait in. As today was also the first day of the Irish Nationals there was some of the Irish lads around to give speedsailing a go. As one of them needed a board to use Killian said he could use his Bic Techno 75 and asked me to get it ready for him. I got the board for him but let him know if official racing started i would need it back incase i needed a bigger board.

At around midday the wind stared to pick up so we were told to get ready by the organisors so i got into my suit and started to get my gear ready. I got my Starboard I Sonic out with 36cm Vector Maui fin and my 7.5m and 6.6m KA Koncepts onto the beach and waited for racing to start. Not long after we were told to get ready the green flag went up as the wind had switched to westerly and was blowing over 20 knots. I grabbed my I Sonic and 6.6m KA Koncept but i was a little late getting on the water and the wind started to die off about 15 to 20 minutes after the round has started so i was now finding it hard to get going so i came in to get my 7.5m but the wind was dropping more so went to find the guy who had the Bic Techno 75 as i now needed a bigger board to get going, but he had sailed off downwind and i had to wait for him to come back upwind. After about 30 minutes he eventually was back up wind so got the board off him but by now the wind had dropped right off and i couldn't get in a run so i was pretty pissed of as you can imagine but it's something i can learn from and make sure in the future nothing like that happens again.

As enough sailors got the required speeds in the rules the round was official and we finally had a result and it all came down to those first 15 to 20 minutes that the result came from. For me it was dissapointing that i didn't get a good run as i know i could have got further up the fleet had i got down the course.

We had prize giving later that evening and the result's were:-


1st Andrea Baldini

2nd Bjorn Dunkerbeck

3rd Steve Flannagan

4th Dirk Jan Knol

5th Pearse Geaney


1st Zara Davis

2nd Karien Scholten Vrendenbregt

Big congratulations to Steve Flannagan who i know over the past couple of years has put alot of time, effort and money into speedsailing, Stoked for you mate and Pearse finishing 5th in his first international event, hope to see you at a few speed events next year and also Zara for becoming European Womens champion. Very heppy to see Andrea become Europen champion aswell as i know he has wroked very hard over the past few years to achieve this, lets hope this is the first of many title's he will hopefully win in the future.

I myself finished 19th and i am dissapointed with my final position but i know what i have to do in the future to improve my position at events.

Now the search is on over the winter to find some more speed strips in Ireland and finally break the 40 knot barrier

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