Sunday, December 8, 2013

Updated For Sale List

Are you looking to get a new wetsuit?? Just updated my for sale list with my old Pro Motion wetsuits, you can check out the pictures here:-

5/3mm Pro Motion Storm Winter Suit (XL Short) - 90 euro
4/3mm Pro Motion Charger Full Arm Suit (XL Short) - 80 euro
3/2mm Pro Motion Storm Convertible Summer Suit (XL Short) - 60 euro
2mm Pro Motion Wizzard Short John (XL) - 40 Euro
1.5mm Pro Motion Neo Skin Long Sleeve Neoprene Top (XL) - 30 euro
1.5mm Pro Motion Hooded Neoprene Vest (XL) - 30 euro

All suits are in excellent condition and the only reason i am selling is due to me now being sponsored by Spartan Wetsuits, they have only a couple of seasons use and not been used at all this year due to injury.

Get in touch if you need a new wetsuit

Also still got my current KA Koncept's and KA Kaos wavesails, if you need a new sail then get in touch, can post/ship at buyer cost

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