Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fresh Start And New Beginnings

I have to apologize for the lack of posts over the last few months but this is because in January i moved over to the UK to start a new job with Jaguar/Land Rover in Solihull, West Midlands and haven't had the time to post on here. After being out of work for so long it is great to be back in work and earning money again and I'm gonna miss Ireland but as there is no work there for me the best thing was to move to find work.

Thankfully my back is much better after completing my physio treatment. I also had it X Rayed to see if there was any damage and thankfully there was nothing found so after the last event in November i stayed off the water to give it as much rest as possible. To make sure that i don't injure it any more in the future i have joined the local gym to work on my core fitness and give my back more support so hopefully i won't have any more problems in the future.

I haven't had any water time since my back got better as i am now restricted to windsurfing on weekends due the the new job and each weekend had been pretty windless but hopefully i will get the chance to get out soon as my new 2012 KA Koncept's have arrived and they look awesome. I decided to get the 5.8m, 6.6m & 7.5m to replace my 2010 5.7m, 6.4m & 7.3m and got a 2011 8.5m to replace my 2010 8.3m, when i get the chance to get some photo's i will post them on here. Can't wait to get out on them.

Haven't got my new Mistral's but hopefully they will be here by the end of the month.

Not long now till the competition season starts with the Round Hayling marathon just a few weeks away so keep checking back and i will keep you updated as to how i'm getting on

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