Saturday, March 17, 2012

Events I'm Competing In This Year

It's now time to decide what events i want to try to get to this year. I am now restricted to taking time off work at set times during the year when the Land Rover factory is shut and have to work at all other times it is gonna be hard to get to any Speed World Cup event's other than Weymouth Speed Week so for this year as it's a new job i have decided to concentrate on work for this year and then next year try and get to as many events as i can to get a good ranking. As i'm now working Monday to Friday getting to the Irish Speed Events is going to be impossible which i'm pretty gutted about as i would need to take 2 days off work which i am unable to do but i wish the lads well with the Irish Speed Championships and hopefully in the future i am able to make it over for some events.

Now i'm in the UK i will continue to do the UKWA Inlands and see if i can improve on my 10th place from last year and also as i'm now based in the midlands i will also do the the Regional Midlands events. I will also attend Weymouth Speedweek again and also the Round Hayling Island Marathon next month.

The events i'm planning to go to this year are:-


Midlands Region Round 1, Hollowell SC, Hollowell Reservoir, Northamptonshire, England
(24th March)


Round Hayling Marathon, Hayling Island, Hampshire, England
(6th April 2012)

UKWA Inland Series Round 1/Midlands Region Round 2, Northampton Sailing Club, Pitsford Reservoir, Northamptonshire, England
(21st to 22nd April 2012)


UKWA Inland Series Round 2, Bewl Valley Sailing Club, Bewl Water, Kent England
(19th to 20th May 2012)


Midlands Region Round 3, Barnt Green Sailing Club, Upper Bittell, Reservoir, West Midlands, England
(9th June 2012)

UKWA Inlands Round 3, Oxford Sailing Club, Farmoor Reservoir, Oxfordshire, England
(16th to 17th June 2012)

Midlands Region Round 4, Notts County Sailing Club, Hoveringham Reservoir, Nottinghamshire, England
(23rd June)


UKWA Inlands Round 4/Midlands Region Round 5, Whitwell Sailing Club, Leicestershire, England
(14th to 15th July 2012)


National Windsurfing Festival, Hayling Island, Hampshire, England
(7th to 9th September 2012

Midlands Region Round 6, Location To Be Confirmed
(15th September)


Weymouth Speedweek, Weymouth, Dorset, England
(6th to 12th October)

Midlands Region Round 7, Bartley Sailing Club, Bartley Green Reservoir, West Midlands, England
(21st October 2012)


UKWA Inlands Round 5/Midlands Region Round 8, Whitwell Sailing Club, Leicestershire, England
3rd to 4th November 2012)

As always i will have my KA sails available for demo at all events i will be attending. Come and find me at the beach, look for the KA Flags

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