Saturday, July 17, 2010

New 2011 Starboard Quad IQ and Evo IQ

Just found a picture of the new 2011 Starboard Quad IQ and Evo IQ on the internet

I'm very happy the Evo has been resurrected as this has been one of my favorite boards over the years i have been windsurfing. From the pictures it looks like both boards are going to be convertibles, the Quad as both a Quad and Twin fin and the Evo as both a Twin and Single fin which is going to increase the range of conditions the boards can be used in.

Both boards are going to be available in the following sizes from the info i found:-

Starboard Quad IQ

74 liters, 77 liters, 82 liters, 87 liters and 92 liters

Starboard Evo IQ

71 liters, 76 liters, 81 liters and 86 liters

Not about the details of the Kode yet or if it is still available but once i know i'll post details here

Just have to save up some money now for a 71/76 liter Evo :-))

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