Saturday, July 17, 2010

2011 Starboard I Sonic Super Speed Special

Found these pictures on of the new 2011 Starboard I Sonic Super Speed Special. Looks awsome in the wood carbon construction.

From the pictures it looks to have more footstrap positions than my own W44 Speed Special, looks like it's a little thinner in the tail and in front of the front footstraps has a concave in the deck so is thinner in the front

Not sure of the rest of the sizes but i think they will stay the same (W44, W49, W53 and W58) but if i find any other info i will let you all know. If the rest are anything like the prototypes i saw Bjorn Dunkerbeck had in Dungarven last year for the Speed World Cup Europeans then all the boards will have the concave in the nose of the board

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