Monday, March 8, 2010

Update On How My Diet Is Going

Still on my diet and sticking to it but after using the bathroom scales i bought over the past few weeks the have turned out to be faulty. I would measure myself one day and the the next be 10 kg lighter. Now if i knew how to do that i could become a millionaire and there was no way that that was a true reading so i took the scales back and got a more expensive set. You get what you pay for i suppose. So with these new scales i weighed myself again and i hope these can be true readings so it gives me a better idea of how my training and diet is going. I am also going to be taking these as my first weight measurement as i am unsure as to how true the last reading from the old bathroom scales were.

These are my weight measurements from my new bathroom scales:-

Weight - 101.8kg
Body Fat % - 36.9 %
Body Water % - 44.5 %
Muscle Mass % - 32.9 %
Body Mass Index % - 33.6%
Basal Metablic Rate - 2085 Kcal (Calories i burn at rest)

Well i knew before these readings i was overweight but it looks like i am a bit more overweight than i thought so gonna work at it and get my weight down to 80-85kg and get that new sail from the KA Importer

Now its getting warmer i can get on the water aswell as going to the gym so hopefully i will get to see a difference in my weight in a few months time.

A friend of mine is upgrading his Giant road bike to a carbon fiber version so as soon as he gets his new bike i will get his old one and put in some miles on the road to help with my fitness.

Keep checking back as to how i am getting on

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