Thursday, March 18, 2010

Malahide Sunday 14th March

After checking the wind forcast, the only wind for Sunday was up in Malahide so i decided to drive up for the day so i could get some time on the water. There was going to be some of the Slalom and Speed sailors heading out on the water at Malahide as well so it was also a good opportunity to see how the new sails were performing. I left Kerry at 7.30am and arrived up in Malahide at 11am so made pretty good time.

The was a bit of wind but as usual at Malahide it was very gusty with winds around 8-10 knots's gusting up to 15 knots. I decided to rig up my 9.0m KA Race with my Starboard I Sonic 144 and 50cm Vector Maui Canefire Fin and got out on the water. Wasn't really a great session as i spent most of the time slogging around but i am getting more used to the I Sonic 144 with every session and it is going to be a great light wind slalom board for this years slalom racing.

I got a 21.3 knot max speed and 19.9 knot 10 second average, not great speeds i know but i was underpowered and hardly moving so can't complain. Need to work on my overall fitness now as the enforced layoff from windsurfing this winter because of the baltic weather and lack of wind hasn't done me any favours in terms of my fitness so got to get more water time to work on this.

I couldn't get anywhere to stay so started back on the long journey back home and finally arrived back at 10pm after my 400 mile round trip. Good to get wet and hoping this is now the start of many sessions on the water this year.

Can't wait for Newtonards which is just under 2 weeks away

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