Monday, September 7, 2009

Dungarven, Sunday 6th September 2009

When we saw the forcast of 25 knot gusting 37 knot South Westerly's myself, Steve Flannagan and Guy Molyneux made plans to meet up on Sunday at midday to coincide with the low tide at 13.40 which exposes the sand bar so we can speedsail here.

I arrived just before midday after driving across from Tralee, County Kerry and Steve and Guy arrived not long after coming down from Dublin. What met us was not looking good, it was raining and blowing about 8 knots. Undeterred we all decided to get into the wetsuits and rig up. I decided to rig up 2 boards and sails as it was forcast to pick up so rigged my Lorch Thunderbird 110 with 36cm Vector Maui Rockit fin and 6.6m KA Koncept, also my Starboard I-Sonic 87 with 30m Vector Maui EX Speed fin and 5.8m KA Koncept. Not soon after we were rigged the wind started to fill in and it was now blowingaround 15 knots so just enough to get going. Once on the water i was apparant that because the wind was Southerly the course was pretty square and only sailable on port tack and also pretty choppy.
My first run down the course was over 30 knots and the wind kept building until it was around 16 knots gusting up to 23 knots and never got any windier but i finished the day with a max speed of 30.57 knots. Shame the forcast never filled in as we really could have got the speedboards out and gone for some decent speeds but nice to get back here and sail again. Didn't get a picture today as my camera would have got destroyed in the rain so the one above is from late last year.

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