Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weymouth, Dorset, UK 4th August to 8th August 2012

I had made plans for a mountain bike trip to Wales but in the week leading up to this weekend it soon became apparent that the weather was not going to play ball with rain forecast the whole weekend so i quickly checked the forecasts around the country on Friday 3rd August and as Weymouth was the only spot showing any decent wind i decided to head down and check out the Olympics and get some time on the water.

I got up early on Saturday 4th August to try and miss the traffic going into Weymouth, leaving Solihull at 6am  and arrived down in Weymouth just before 11am parking up at the Ferrybridge Car Park as the sailing academy was off limits due to the Olympics. After catching up with Lea Spencer and Duncan Adam, who i haven't seen in a while i decided to get my windsurfing gear ready and rig up. The wind was gusting upto around 16-17knots from a Southerly direction so i decided to rig my Mistral Screamer 123 with 42cm Vector Maui Fins Canefire fin and 7.5m KA Koncept, got into my wetsuit and went out on the water. As the Olympics was underway here there was a line of white buoys stretching across the whole Harbour which massively reduced the sailing area in this direction but i still had a great time on the water in the Sun with no sign of the forecasted rain :-) not even getting a bollocking from the Police on jet skis when i got too close to the white buoys on a few occasions detracted from what was a great day on the water and later that evening i retired to the Ferrybridge pub for a  few pints and some food, a great Thai Curry which you must try if you get the chance before retiring to my van for some much wanted sleep after not having much the previous night.

On Sunday i headed back over to the Ferrybridge Car Park but there wasn't much wind so i decided to chill out and relax on the beach for the day and watch the Olympic Windsurfing in the distance through binoculars which was great to see. Later that evening i got a Curry in the Indian by Windtek before parking up in the Ferrybridge Car Park for the night.

On Monday the wind was back, around 8-10 knots but from the normal South Westerly direction so after some Breakfast i rigged up my Mistral Screamer 123 with 44cm Vector Maui Fins Canefire Fin and 8.5m KA Koncept and waited for the wind to pick up which it was forecasted to do around 12-1pm. Sure enough the wind picked up at mid day so i got changed and got out on the water and had a great afternoon blasting around, didn't get any great speeds, only around 28 knots but it was great to be back on the water in the warm sunny conditions. Later that evening i went into Weymouth to the Gurkha restaurant for the all you can eat buffet which is great value for money and a must visit pace for food if your down here and after a great meal headed back to the Ferrybridge to park up for the night.

On Tuesday there was a possible chance of a sail late in the afternoon but more importantly and the main reason i was down was the Olympic windsurfing and today was the last day and the medal race. Nick Dempsey was in a great position in the Silver Medal spot going into this race and Bryony Shaw was in 7th so it was looking good for Nick to get a medal and Bryony with an outside chance of getting one. The men were up first and Nick sailed a great race coming in second winning the Silver medal but unfortunately Bryony lost out and finished 7th overall. The wind never picked up enough in the afternoon so after watching the medal ceremony online as we couldn't get into the academy to watch it i got some food in The Cove restaurant on Chesil Beach and headed into town to the Royal Dorset where we got invited to Nick's celebration party which was a great night and probably a once in a lifetime experience as having the chance to celebrate with a Silver medalist in my home country probably will never come around again.

After sleeping of my hangover on Wednesday morning i made the trip back up to Solihull having spent a great few days down in Weymouth and i can't wait to get back down here for Speedweek in October

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