Thursday, May 5, 2011

Derrymore Strand Sunday 1st May 2011

Finally some wind showed up on Sunday and as it was from an Easterly direction a few friends told me there was hardly anything in Castlegreggory so i went over to Derrymore Strand. I have never sailed here before and it seams that in an Easterly the wind gets funneled and accelerated through the valleys nearby which is very similar what happens at Gowlane in Brandon Bay where the wind is normally stronger than other local spots.

Just after i arrived the wind dropped off a bit to around 12-14 knots so i decided to use my Starboard I Sonic 144 with 50cm Vector fins Maui Canefire fin and my new 9.5m KA Koncept and got into my wetsuit. It was the first time i had used the sail and again KA Sails have made this amazing sail better. For such a big sail it feels light in my hands, stable and the cams rotate smoothly and will be a great light wind sail for me this year.

Had a nice session on the water before heading in after a couple of hours and it was so nice to finally get back onto the smaller boards after the extended windless spell we have just experienced. No GPS track this time as i forgot to charge them :-(( but all the guys that sailed here today now know that in an easterly this is definitely the best spot in Tralee Bay

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