Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Sponsor

Happy New Year everyone :-)) Hope you all have a windy year.

Not much been happening here in Ireland as there has either been little or no wind or sub zero temperatures so all i have been doing is checking over all my kit and getting it ready for the new season.

One bit of good news i received this week is i have acquired a new sponsor, which is a dedicated windsurfing fin website run by David Gollick in the UK. This is a pretty unique shop as there is no other dedicated fin shop in the world that stocks fins from most of the fin manufacturers out there. He caters for the recreational weekend windsurfer right through to the professional windsurfers with all windsurfing disciplines covered from wave and freeride, Slalom, Speed and Formula fins available from his shop.

Check out his website and if you need any advice on what style of fin you need or the right size fin please get in contact and i can advise you the best fin to buy

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