Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quickly Go Mad

With the weather this year being crap with no where near enough wind for Speedsailing i've forgotten what my Speed Sailing kit looks like so it's good to see a new Speedsailing DVD out. It's a DVD produced by the guys at Sandy Point in Australia. You can buy it here

Checkout the preview on Vimeo below

Quickly Go Mad from drift media on Vimeo.

Excerpts from "Quickly Go Mad"- an upcoming speed sailing documentary which focuses on the Pit Crew and covers the "Speed Fortnight" held at Sandy Point in late September.

Quickly Go Mad is a locally produced DVD that is a must for anybody into speed sailing.

This video is a landmark in Australian windsurfing as it captures the spirit and character of these humble, yet world class windsurfers who are taking their bodies to the highest speeds possible on windsurfing gear.

A trully entertaining documentary, and an extras section featuring GoPro onboard footage of speed runs, and a few stacks.

For me, this video leaves me smiling every time as the passion of the people involved comes through.

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