Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fenit Estuary, Monday 6th July 2009

I went to check out the estuary just North of Fenit on Monday at high tide as it completely drains at low tide. As the wind was from the North West i couldn't check out the speedstrip as it will only work in a South Westerly so wanted to try it out at high tide to see what it would be like sailing here. As i arrived it was blowing 20 knots so decided to rig my Starboard I Sonic 87 with 36cm Vector Maui Rockit fin and KA Koncept 6.6m. As soon as i got on the water though the wind dropped and only got a couple of runs in before i was slogging around but i still managed a peak of 26.92 knots. I was pretty dissapointed but it was still nice to get wet after a month of no wind. On first impressions i love the I Sonic 87 and can't wait to get it out when it is blowing hard.

This is a great flat water venue and at high tide most of the estuary can be used for speed as the water is pretty flat and then at low tide in a South Westerly wind the Speed Strip looks like it is going to be a great spot as the wind is pretty undisrupted coming over from fenit so when the winter storms hit this spot is gonna see some big speeds recorded. At high tide aswell it looks like we could get some Nautical Mile speeds recorded aswell.

On my way home i checked out a spot at the other side of the bay from the top of a hill near fenit and it looks like it could be another possible speed trip. Check out the picture below and when i get the chance i will go round a check it out closer. The only problem is there is no direct access there so we would have to get on the beach about 1/2 a mile to a mile away and sail up but in Northerly winds it could work

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