Saturday, March 28, 2009

Malahide Tuesday March 24th

I arrived at Malahide (Kilcree) late on in the afternoon at 4.15pm as i had alot of things i needed to get done before i could go windsurfing. There wasn't too much wind when i got there so was going to rig my 9.0 KA Koncept, but while getting my gear off the car the wind started to pick up so i decided to rig up my 7.5 KA koncept and Lorch Thunderbird 75 with 42cm Vector Maui Canefire fin.

I was having a great time on the water very powered up but not really overpowered as the wind was around 12 knots gusting 16 knots. Just after 6pm the wind picked up again and now there was gusts of over 20 knots and by now i was fairly lit. As there wasn't too much daylight left i decided not to change down to my 6.6 KA Koncept and have a few more runs and then pack up.
I made it across the estuary alright but was maxed and having trouble holding down the sail so turned round and headed back to the other side and call it a day. About halfway across the i had a big wipeout, getting catapulted into the sail where i managed to break the batten above the boom with my head and hurt my hand. I got back to the beach and that was me finished for the day.

The next day my hand was all swollen and still hurting so i ended up having to go to the doctors who refered me to the hospital for an X-Ray. I was told nothing was broken, but i had bruised the bones in my hand.
I then had to go back to the doctors who strapped up my hand and then gave me my bad news, No windsurfing for 4-6 weeks :-(((((

Hopefully i won't be off the water this long as i am taking part in the Sunrise Sunset charity event on May 3rd but i will try my best to be on the water for that but i will not be able to race in Round 1 of the Irish Slalom Series unfortunatly. At least my hands not broken but i am still dissapointed. I will still be there with my camera so i will get loads of photos of everyone

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