Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Sponsors

My Current Sponsors Are :-

Mistral since 1976 have been one of the leading brands in windsurfing and in the early 80's through to the mid to late 90's virtually every board sold by Mistral was a test winner and every windsurfer aspired to own a Mistral board as it was the Rolls Royce of boards. I myself had a succession of Mistral boards while racing in the early 90's as they were the best out there. More recently they lost their way a bit until  the legendary Anders Bringdal took over the company. Now with Anders at the helm they will be re-installed amongst the best brands out there and i am stoked to now be part of this. 

KA Sails are a Australian sail company that deliver the best possible sail at the best possible price. The KA Koncept production slalom/speed sail has recorded speeds at over 50 knots at Sandy Point in Australia. They are now a member of the PWA so the rest of the world will now see what great sails these are on the PWA World Tour.

Chinook have been designing and manufacturing innovative parts for windsurfing for over 20 years. The Chinook one-piece fin/mast box and clamp-on boom head are just a few of the original designs that have advanced windsurfing to where it is today. Chinook takes pride in the fact that they design and manufacture their products in the USA which enables them to offer the best designed and best built products available.

Vector Fins Maui are a fin company based in Maui. While they are located on the most distant island chain in the world they are at the center of fin technology. The availability of the worlds best sailors, makes testing and development, a continuing work in progress. Worldwide sailors are using Vector Fins for all types of sailing and surfing. From speed to waves, and slalom and formula. Fins are computer designed and milling is done on a three axxis CNC machine. They were founded in 1998 by Jeff Fagerholm who is a very experienced slalom sailor and winner of the Maui race series is the brainchild of Dave Gollick a windsurfer for the past 30 years. This website is dedicated to fins. He felt that there is alot of hype surrounding the area and that there is insufficient information available to make a decision let alone choice in product. many windsurfers treat the fin as a second class citizen concentrating on the board and sail and not considering the fin choice and whether it is suitable for the board they are using. He know that alot of windsurfers would have thought of this but there is still a large compliment of windsurfers uneducated towards this subject. Dave has been working with all the major brands to bring the consumer the ability to make a informed choice. Dave's range of fins covers all varieties from Waves to Slalom, Formula and Speed fins. The fins designers work with various materials from CNC machined G10 to the more expensive custom carbon lay ups. Dave has tried to consider all abilities and needs from the weekend sailor right up to the pro.

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